1. How does the neck fan work?

The neck fan uses a compact motor to generate airflow, providing a hands-free cooling experience. It's worn around the neck for convenience. They have built-in fans that circulate air to keep you cool, providing relief in hot environments.

2. What is the battery life of the neck fan?

Battery life varies but typically ranges from 4 to 9 hours at 100% battery, depending on the fan speed setting. Refer to the product specifications for accurate details.

3.  Is the neck fan adjustable for different neck sizes?

Yes, our neck fans often come with a adjustable design to accommodate various neck sizes comfortably. They are designed to be comfortable and fit securely during use.

4.  Can I use the neck fan while charging?

yes, you can use our neck fan while it's charging.

5.  Are replacement parts or accessories available for purchase?

Unfortunately no, we do not stock replacement parts or accessories.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

6.  Are these fans suitable for children?

While many neck fans are generally safe for use by older children, it's essential to always supervise young children when using electronic devices.

7.  Are these fans easy to clean?

Yes, these neck fans are designed for easy and the most minimal maintenance, which makes the convenient.

8.  Can I use these fans indoors?

Absolutely. Neck fans are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are great for providing personal cooling at home, at work, in the office, or while traveling.

9.  Are the fans adjustable for different wind speeds?

Yes, these neck fans offer multiple speed settings from 1 to 5, allowing you to adjust the airflow according to your preference and the ambient temperature.

10.  Are these fans noisy?

Neck fans are designed to operate quietly to ensure a comfortable user experience. However, noise levels can vary between models and speed settings.

11.   Can I use these fans while exercising or jogging?

Absolutely! Our neck fans are perfect for outdoor activities, including jogging and exercising. They provide a convenient and hands-free way to stay cool while on the move.

12.  How long can i expect my product?

 Shipping times varies depending on numerous factors, You will get a confirmation when you have placed a order and will give you a estimate on delivery.